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Brigitte Anderson
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MomTraffic.com, is the site for Online Marketing Moms, your Online Newsletter, assisting you, to discover your targeted market!
equipping you, with neccessary tools, to increase quality targeted traffic to your websites!
Founded on Sept.10th, 2008. Aka MomsBuyingFrom Moms.com, we just thought MomTraffic.com, would be easier to remember,
and wanted to upgrade to a concept to help online marketers, discover ways to increase traffic to their online businesses.
Connecting a network, of Moms Shopping from Moms.

MomTraffic also does Seasonal Online Vendor Fairs Year Round!
Moms/Online Marketers, Purchase Online space from MomTraffic, similiar as with an Offline Vendor Fair, except it's Online!
Each Season, Moms Gather in the chat room to share their Online Businesses, Merchandise, Sales.
New Year's Eve Party, Valentines Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, 4th of July, Summer Vendor Fair, Back To School,
Fall Vendor Fair, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas!
Come Join Our Online Valentines Day Vendor Fair In Session Now

About the Forum
Our Online Newsletter is attached to a growing online community of Moms Buying From Other Moms
Which is Called MomTraffic Forum founded in October 2005, The Forum have  awesome moderators,
who help Moderate our ever growing online community, below I will introduce them to you!

Meet the Moderators of the MomTraffic Forum

Jennifer Clifton Independent
Rep. For Mia Bella Candles


Jodi lara Independent Rep.For Herbal Life

Independent Rep For Mia Bella

Rose Klein WAHU Independent Rep.

Margaret Salmond 
Send Out Cards Distributor


Linda Dougherty

Linda Dougherty:  rank in Numis is 1-Star Independent Collector Rep.
Stacey Routt
Independent Rep. For WAHU


Diana Hernanadez - Mass
Makeup Artist


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