Mothers Day Vendor Fair

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Moms Shopping From Other Moms Online
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You're Invited to an Online Mother's Day Vendor Fair!

Where Moms Shop from Other Moms/Women Online!

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With Mother's Day being just around the corner...
you'll want to join us at our fun-filled Mother's
Day  Online Vendor Fair!

Welcome To The Online Mother's Day Vendor Fair

Moms are offering the most accomodating and unique gift ideas for mother's day!
There are lot's to choose from, as you can see below in the vendor fair slots!
and if you're a business owner, you are more than welcome to advertise with us!

What is an Online Vendor Fair? 

An Online Vendor Fair, is pretty much like an "Off line Vendor Fair" but just online
Moms/Vendors or those who have something to sell advertise here in our table slots listed below.
You may their Website, re - sell items, Blogs, FaceBook Fan Page Pinterest page, Products,
Services, displayed for sale.

Our Subscribers of those who have a desire to support moms who market online are invited
daily to come view new items on display for purchases.

We particularly target Moms who Market Online and though you may not be a Mom
we encourage you to join us as well, whether to be a vendor or a buyer.

We are building our list daily!
It is our goal to get 1,000,000,000 Moms Networking - Moms Shopping From Moms!

P.S. Don't be discouraged if you don't make a sale the first night you're here
... Internet Marketing gurus say that it takes an average of 7 views to your website
fore a sale is made so be encouraged!!!

Free Advertisement Policy - You may mention the name of your business once, but only paying members may show their links.

Vendors/buyer ** will be in the Chat Room in intervals of  8AM , 12PM, 3PM, 5PM, 7PM, 8PM, 10PM, 12 AM.

After Payment Is Made Please Send Your Fan-Page And/Or Website Link To: Info@MomTraffic.Com

The price for a cup of coffee
But Your Business is so worth it!

 What do you get for $1.00 per day  you ask?
  • 100 Fresh New Fans Every Month!!! {Awesome deal}
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  • Daily Fan Page Shout Outs & Ladder Inclusions on The MomTraffic Fan Page
    (shout outs x2 per day ladder 5x per day (24/7 ladder)
  • Unlimited Business Share 24/7 in our highly active chat room.
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     every time you speak/post on the
    MomTraffic Forum
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homeless and hungary
A portion of the proceeds will go towards
feeding the hungary, and will be used to fund the Stamp out
Hungar Program May 11th.

scared child
A Portion of the Proceeds will go towards helping Victims of
Domestic Violence, in supporting Domestic Violence Shelters
in  additon to providing toys for children at Christmas for
children in Domestic Violence Shelters.

Our Other Advertisement Services
(Email Us for Questions)

After you watch the video, you will be prompt to go to
Step One, proceed, then proceed to complete an offer
Although we can't tell you which offer to do, may we suggest the Credit Report Trial Offer, it is a Trial for 7 days (second from the left).
Remember even if you cancel
we will still service you with an Email Blast of Your Business to Our Subscribers. Note by Completing an Offer This also activates your
account to become a Offer Agent with Instant Rewards! An Awesome Way to Earn Online Income!

  Scroll down and meet the Vendors


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 Diana Hernanadez Independent Scentsy Consultant
 I am thrilled I discovered It's an awesome way to network your business with other like-minded people. The Forums are very useful and informative. Not to mention another great way to market your business. My favorite feature of the website community is their LIVE Online Parties! From experience I have always had a nice turn out to my parties via and have made sales thanks to them. I would highly recommend this website to anyone trying to expand their business and reach the enormous online market.


Diana Hernandez
Scentsy Independent Consultant

Jodi Lara Independent Health Consultant
Hi, everyone my name is Jodi Lara & I am a work from home mom & have
happily been one for several years now. I found mom traffic about 4
yrs ago, I realy enjoyed networking & building relationships with
these moms. I have had several of the moms purchase products from me &
I have done the same with some of them! I have also gained some
business partners on this site. I would highly recomend this site to
those moms who want to build freindships & build business.
Jodi Lara
WeightLoss Wellness Coach
Independent Health Consultant
jennifer clifton

Not only is Mom Traffic fun, but it's also a great way to get your business out there. I have gotten quite a few sales and even added new members to my Mia Bella's team through Mom Traffic. I can highly recommend getting involved :-)

Jennifer Clifton, Mia Bella Representative

Holly Gailey
I can not believe the warm welcome and the love that these moms give. I absolutely feel that I have gained life long friends and support with this outstanding group of ladies. I can see this a start to a great friendship!! Thank you MomTraffic for offering this!!

Lots of Love,
Holly Gailey
Roz Pearcy
I am a proud Work At Home Mom, Online Entreprenuer, Marketing and Personal Growth Coach, and an all around positive, happy person.
I LOVE Mom Traffic! I got a ton of leads for my business, found a bunch of cute clippies for my daughters hair, got some better quality cleaners for my house...and to top it all off had a TON of fun chatting with everyone in the chat room parties. :-)

Roz Pearcy,
Personal Growth Coach

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