Hello fellow  Work At Home Moms {Wahm's} and Mompreneurs!
My name is Brigitte Brown I am the Founder of Brigitte Brown Establishments LLC.
and the Group and Page Admin for a few Marketing sites on FaceBook.
I have always been passionate about Online Marketing, and have been an Online Marketer since 2004!
One of my newest projects, has been to establish an Online Community of Moms who Market on the internet to shop each other websites, and especially with the holidays approaching I am more passionate about this than ever!!! So Join me and help me build  a list of Mompreneurs and Work at Home Moms or those who want to be Work At Home Moms
Shopping each other's Websites!  Submit Your name and Email to the Form below, and you'll be introduced to our Online Magazine Campaign, where you'll have the opportunity to place your sales, and business promotions. You'll also have the opportunity to Chat in Our Live Business Chat Room with other Online Mom Marketers and share your sales Live in Real Time! Upon Submitting your Name and Email you'll join our awesome Network of Moms Shopping from each other, and receive a FREE shout out on our MomTraffic Fan Page on Face Book!!! Join us today ... Join the Shopping Fun & Laughter! Happy Holidays!!!

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Brigitte Brown 
Founder of Brigitte Brown Establishments LLC
Group Admin. of the Work at Home Mom Classifieds on Face Book